Terms And Conditions of Sale

By using our products, you are agreeing to these terms, please read them carefully.

You must use our products in accordance with our instructions. You are solely responsible for making sure that the way you use our products complies with applicable laws, regulations and governmental policies. You must obtain all necessary approvals and permissions you may need. It is solely your responsibility to make sure the products are suitable for your particular use.


Seller Yuai Co.,Ltd
Address Owai158-1, Mihara-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka,Japan 587-0063
Telephone 072-363-8913 / 072-363-8916
Contact info@ui-vehicle.com
Website address http://www.ui-vehicle.com/en/top
Delivery time
The product is normally being delivered in 5 days following the day of order when it is in store. When it is not in store, we will contact the customer to notify the latest deliver time. You will receive a tracking number from Japan EMS after the product is shipped, however, regarding to the Japan EMS Service, there may unavailable to track the items for some area.
Please note that the delivery period may vary depending on the total numbers of orders and you location. In addition, due to some circumstances (road conditions, weather conditions ect.), there may be a delay in delivery.

Shipping Fee
The transport company is Japan EMS. The default is freight from Japan EMS.
Weight Location
Asia Oceania/North America/Central America/ Middle East Europe South America/Africa
~0.7g 17usd 24usd 26usd 31usd
~1.0kg 21usd 29usd 32usd 41usd
~1.5kg 27usd 37usd 41usd 57usd
~2.0kg 33usd 45usd 50usd 73usd
~2.5kg 38usd 52usd 58usd 88usd
~3kg 43usd 59usd 66usd 103usd
~3.5kg 48usd 66usd 74usd 118usd
~4.0kg 53usd 73usd 82usd 133usd
~4.5kg 58usd 80usd 90usd 148usd
~5.0kg 63usd 87usd 98usd 163usd
~5.5kg 68usd 94usd 106usd 178usd
~6.0kg 73usd 101usd 114usd 193usd
~7.0kg 81usd 112usd 127usd 214usd
~8.0kg 89usd 123usd 140usd 235usd
~9kg 97usd 134usd 153usd 256usd
~10kg 105usd 145usd 166usd 277usd
~11kg 113usd 156usd 179usd 298usd
~12kg 121usd 167usd 192usd 319usd
~13kg 129usd 178usd 205usd 340usd

Up to 30kg of goods can be delivered. We will contact the customers to notify the freight in case of the freight of 13kg~.
NOTE: For some countries and areas, EMS is limited to certain areas.
Payment methods
Cancelling/Returning of the products
The customer(s) has the right to return or exchange ordered product(s) within 7days, if the product(s) is returned due to the convenience of customer(s), the customer(s) is expected to pay the shipping charge, if defective product(s) is returned, we shall pay the shipping charge.
Note: the product(s) shall be designated, some products cannot be returned. And the product(s) shall be unused, not damaged or defaced.