uivehicle’s multi way folding bed kit is a new style of multi-purpose bed kit.

Whether the customers need a bed for vehicle staying in the vehicle or a multi-purpose vehicle to move tools and equipment, the multi way fold bed kit can be adapted to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The frame of bed is made of stainless steel and is adjustable with 5 different height levels: 395mm, 445mm, 495mm, 545mm, 595mm.

Additionally, it is compatible with a sliding rail.

The bed mat is with a length of 1800mm (1500mm + 300mm) and the base of it is designed with honeycomb structure. ※ It is unable for use with Slide Floor.

MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITLeft / Right 5:5 split
Installing the main frame at the left side comes as standard.
It is available to customize based on your preference, such as Left / Right 6:4 split etc. at additional charges. For more details, you are more than welcome to contact us.
MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITCombination with our Floor Bed Kit for motorcycles and bicycle loading, it ensure a length of 2300mm maximum if the second row seat is able to be slid.

MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITColour or stitch, cushion etc. customizations are accepted at additional charges. BUILT YOUR OWN, UNIQUE STYPE.

MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITIf a sliding rail is installed, as the frames supporting the front bed mats are adjustable, not affect seats at all, allowing it can be slid smoothly. MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITAdditionally, the locking configuration is specially made, OEM item.
MULTI WAY FOLD BED KIThe bed is installed in a Standard roof 5-seater Hiaces.

・leather & 20mm urethane (black)
MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITDevelopment view (increment: mm)
(standard body standard roof 5-seater Hiaces)

MULTI WAY FOLD BED KITDevelopment view (increment: mm)
(wide body medium roof 5-seater Hiaces)
※It is unable for use with Slide Floor.

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