3D Rubber floor Mat

uivehicle°«s 3D floor mat is made from rubber, designed with the latest technology. The mat has been finished with TPO (Thermo polyolefin) to make it flame resistant, waterproof, and abrasion resistant. Its rubber composition allows for dirt and stains to be easily removed with water.

Hooks will be provided for the 3piece front floor mats if they are not currently installed.


°ŁFor standard body (Dimension:4695x1695x1980mm) front
°ŁFor standard body (Dimension:4695x1695x1980mm) rear
°ŁFor wide body (Dimension:4840x1880x2105mm/5380x1880x2285mm) front
°ŁFor wide body(Dimension:4840x1880x2105mm/5380x1880x2285mm) rear

Ę®Hiace series H200 released between 2010.7~ present come with clips for genuine floor mats, it is necessary to remove them when install uivehicle°«s 3D rubber floor mats.

Ę® Front floor mats are unable to use on manual cars, and rear floor mats can only be used on 5-door Hiaces.

3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACE
3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACE 3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACE
3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACEEasy install: spread it on the carpet.
Special processing has finished in the back for a secure fit.
3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACEWaterproof
3D Rubber floor Mat for HIACEThe sizes of our products are designed to be bigger than original, ensure that is no gab between carpet and step, resulting in easy cleaning.


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